Liyu atmosphere furnace to customer


Liyu furnace was founded from 1998.with years development ,now its has been a very famous brand in China.

The customer know us from years ago.He said I heard you have a good reputation .

Now when he need furnace,he find us through trading company. Finally,we provide good product to customer.Wish we can do better product for customer always.

Provide them good service and promote ourself  also.

Thanks for all your trust.As a leading lab furnace manufacture ,we will produce high quality  laboratory furnace always.

Welcome to contact Liyu furnace if you have any enquiry need !   Whatspapp:+86 138 3849 5656 /+86 137 0769 3236

Liyu furnace:

  1. The body cut by automatic machine .it make the accuracy  0.02mm deviation at most
  2. Chamber full of the filler which make the furnace safe when transport
  3. Multi-layer wrapping film make it avoid from the raining
  4. Epoxy coated surface keep it work long time with beautiful colour