Liyu tube furnace to Hunan


Tube furnace is widely used for laboratory and industry.Customer in Hunan buy this for the small workpiece with high vacuum.Finally They ask us to made this special size of 300mm diameter and heat zone length 900mm for that.With hard work,we send it in time and now it works very well.

Thanks for their trust.As a leading lab furnace manufacture ,we will produce high quality  laboratory furnace always.

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Liyu vacuum furnace:

  1. Pressure keep 48 hours.With 2 layers  of the door and good design pressure can keep 48 hours in the furnace
  2. Vacuum can reach 10-4pa.With the strong technology Liyu furnace can reach 10-Pa and we have provide many of this to customer.Feedback well.
  3. Temperature 800-2200 °C. Liyu furnace have overcome technical difficulties .Now with Graphite heating element the furnace can reach 2200 °C