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Asia customer visit Liyu furnace and make the order of melt furnace


Mainly produce Muffle furnaces,Tube furnace, Vacuum furnaces,Dental furnace,Electric resistance furnaces, Box type furnaces, Vertical furnaces, Lab furnaces, High-temp furnaces, Lifting furnaces, Fritting furnaces, Trolley furnace, Sintering furnaces, Cer

Liyu furnace take part in the Zhengzhou Exhibition


This is one kind of furnace which meanly used for laboratory or small batch product.It inculde the vacuum furnace from 800c-1800.Export to Euro,Asia,Africa

Liyu furnace take part in the Beijing Instrument exhibition


Liyu furnace was founded from 1998.with years development ,now its has been a very famous brand in China.On 27th March to 29th March ,Liyu furnace take part in the Exhibition in Beijing.Many customer come to have a visit .A Russia customer come to have a

Korea customer come to visit Liyu furnace and discuss cooperate


Hello,Liyu furnace produce OEM tube furnace,lift furnace ,melt furnace and size from 100*100*100 to 1500*1500*1500 Temperature 800c-220c

Happy Chinese New Year for 2019


Hello every one,Thanks for all your support in the past 2018. In the past 2018,liyu furnace have finished different furnaces for customer in Zhejiang,Fujian,Guangzhou,Liaoning,Qingdao,Beijing and also send our furnace to Austrilia,Indonesia,Korea,Pakistan