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Liyu normal size muffle furnace to customer


Liyu 500*400*400 muffle furnace to customer Liyu furnace was founded from 1998.with years development ,now its has been a very famous brand in China.The muffle furnace workers are package is just a normal muffle furnace.We produce more than 1000pcs of it

Liyu Big size muffle furnace


Liyu Big size muffle furnace.A trading company asked us for a big size furnace with size 1500mm*700mm*1500mm .Liyu furnace give him the advise for how to design and make the structure ,finally customer in Canada accept the advise and praise it .Now every

What is muffle furnace


The furnace shell is made of thin steel plate by folding and welding, epoxy powder electrostatic painting process, the inner furnace lining is a rectangular integral lining made of silicon refractory material; the furnace door brick of electric furnace is

Liyu Lab furnace manufacture from1998


Mainly produce Muffle furnaces,Tube furnace, Vacuum furnaces,Dental furnace,Electric resistance furnaces, Box type furnaces, Vertical furnaces, Lab furnaces, High-temp furnaces, Lifting furnaces, Fritting furnaces, Trolley furnace, Sintering furnaces,