Split typeOpen type tube furnace JNL-12KQ


  • Max desgin temperature:1400℃
  • Chamber size:As customer need
  • Heating Element:Silicon carbide rods(SiC)
  • Thermocouple:S type
  • Chamber:Composite aluminum fiber material 1200-1400C

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Equipment widely used in universities, research institutes, industrial and mining enterprises such as powder, military, electronics, metallurgy, medicine, ceramics, glass, machinery, new material development, special materials, refractory materials, building materials, chemicals, metal sintering and metal heat treatment Experiment and production.

Technical Characteristics

This equipment has introduced advanced technology, independent research and development of energy-saving, environmentally friendly new electric furnace, the device has a scientific and rational design technology, elegant appearance, advanced and reasonable structure, easy operation, high-quality cold-rolled steel shell, the precision CNC machining, Luxury, beautiful two-color imported epoxy powder electrostatic spray process from processing, high temperature, corrosion-resistant, long-term from fade.

The furnace has a uniform temperature field, the surface temperature of the double-layer heat-resistant furnace body is close to room temperature, and the heating and cooling functions are adjustable. The furnace adopts imported high-temperature composite fiber materials and is constructed by a numerical control process. Chilling heat, corrosion resistance, non-collapse, no crystallization, no residue, no pollution, long service life.

The control system uses microcomputer intelligent adjustment technology, with PID adjustment, automatic control, self-tuning function, 50 sections of programming, and the preparation of a variety of heating, thermostat, cooling program, temperature control accuracy.

Protection device using independent protection: (over-temperature, over-voltage, super-current, broken even, power, leakage, short circuit, etc.).

In addition, through our independent research and development of control software, electric furnace and computer associated single or multiple furnace can be achieved remote control, start the electric furnace, stop the electric furnace, set the temperature program, temperature program storage, view the history curve, print Historical curve and so on.

Honors: ISO9001: 2008, CE ,AAA certificate

Furnature Descriptions

Product Split typeOpen type tube furnace JNL-12KQ
Heating rate 0-30℃/min (Suggestion: 0-10℃/min)
Temp. control 16/30/50/100steps programmable and PID automatic control
Temp. accuracy +/-1℃
Chamber material  aluminium oxide fiber (Al2O3 fiber)
Heating element Resistance wire、SiC rod,MoSi2 rod heating element
Working voltage 380V three phases 50/60Hz
(or according to your requirement.)
OEM is accepted for chamber size,temperature,voltage 

Furnace Size

Heat zone length mm 100 150 200 300 400 500 600 800 1000 1200
Diameter of the tube mm 30 40 60 80 100 120 150      
Voltage 220V 380V                
Power KW 4-35                  
Temp control ±1                  

With Accessories

Sic or MoSi2
Instruction manual


Luoyang Liyu Furnace Co.,Ltd. which is located in High-tech zone of Luoyang City Henan Province,China have been the furnace manufacture from 1998 . Mainly produce Muffle furnaces,Tube furnace, Vacuum furnaces,Dental furnace,Electric resistance furnaces, Box type furnaces, Vertical furnaces, Lab furnaces, High-temp furnaces, Lifting furnaces, Fritting furnaces, Trolley furnace, Sintering furnaces, Ceramic furnace, Atmosphere furnaces, Metallurgy furnaces, Glass melting furnaces Molybdenum stick furnace, Electronic furnace, Chemical sintering furnace, Electronic sintering furnace; and electronic drying equipment like drying oven, vacuum drying oven,industrial oven,etc.Temperature of LiYu furnace cover 300/800/1000/1200/1300/1400/1600/1700/1800℃

Bring in the most advanced technology from all over the world ,we can meet the customer needs by designing kilns and furnaces of different size ,type, accuracy. We have  passed ISO9001 quality system certificate, CE certificate.And now we have 2 factory with total 25000㎡.8 Senior engineers,80 workers.

With 20 years production experience and good quality, we have cooperate with Tsinghua University ,Peking University,Chinese Academy of Sciences, Aluminum Corporation of China Limited, CSH Gold Mine ,CHINA AVIATION LITHIUM BATTERY CO.,LTD and many other famous company and university. Welcome to conact with us and build a good relationship with you!

Production Process


Automatic cutting

This is a CNC machine tool .Set it to the right shape according to the drawing. Very high accuracy which can be just 0.02mm deviation at most.


Edge Folding Machine

Micro computer control.Set the data sheet according to the drawing.then put the steel plate into a 90°angle.With all of this parts ,it made of the frame of the furnace.



Welding the different part of the furnace together.Polishing it very smooth.



Epoxy coated which make the surface very good and it keep the clour for a very long time.


Install and debugging

Install the heating element,chamber,wire all together into the furnace.Also adjustment the Program to english or chinese as customer need.



Liyu furnace make different kind of furnace from small size to very big one.Temperature from 800-2200 degree(The average of the line is 1700 degree).



Put the wooden stick into the chamber,then plastic bags,bubble,Wooden case outside and then wrapping film.



We have our own car to send the furnace to port which can guarantee it safe before get to the port.